about me

I’m a Singaporean writing on this blog under a pseudonym because I have no interest in sharing my personal identity. That is not to say that I do not possess conviction in my thoughts but rather, I prefer to provide my analysis and opinions independently from the consensus.

I first started being interested in the stock markets at a very young age, influenced by my father. Everything sounded ethereal back then, with numbers flying across the screen seemingly haphazardly. Some things which confused me back then, still confound me today – the learning curve can be steep.

My first forays into the stock market began at the age of 19. My father had told me a few years back that his colleague’s son had dabbled in the markets at the tender age of 16. Along with a renewed sense of money-mindedness accruing from salaried payments during my military service, I began expeditiously devouring content pertaining to personal finance and investments.

This website is financial brain space, and I am deeply excited to share it with you.

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